ISOLINE ONDUTILE (Onduline sheet)

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Onduline eaves trays are manufactured using a durable UPVC sheet with pre-formed fold lines to form a 75mm or 100mm drip edge into the gutter. It is used for Onduline, Ondutile and Oversheeting roof systems.
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The Ventilator Strips are used to allow ventilation into the roof space whilst preventing the infiltration of birds and large insects into the eaves. They are secured by nailing with galvanised round headed nails.
Designed for the Ondutile system and used in conjunction with the Eaves Ventilator Strip, it protects the eaves batten from possible water ingress whilst also providing an aesthetically pleasing finish to the eaves detail.
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Onduline apron flashings are designed to seal the gap between Onduline roof sheets and vertical wall abutments. Suitable for any pitch of roof.
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Designed to match the ONDULINE CLASSIS profile, these polyethylene units seal the corrugations at eaves and ridge, preventing the ingress of water, dust and draughts.
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ISOLINE ONDUTILE is a unique roof underlay system that can be used below tile, slate or shingle roof coverings to create an independent secondary weatherproof roof.

This enables the primary tiled roof to be used safely below the manufacturer’s minimum recommended roof pitch.

2000mm x 950mm

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