Please find below our full range of roofing products and accessories.

Bituminous corrugated roof sheet. Choice of colours. 2000mm x 950mm. 3mm thick
Bituminous corrugated sheet. Choice of intense colours. 1000mm x 760mm. 2.6mm thick
Bituminous corrugated tile. 3D shaded colours. 1060mm x 400mm. 3mm thick
Bituminous corrugated sheet. 3D shaded colours. 1950mm x 820mm. 2.6mm thick.
AA fire rated shingle. Choice of colours and shapes. Suitable for all types of roofs: DIY, residential and commercial.
Bituminous corrugated sheet. Green, red and black. Low height corrugations. 2000mm x 865mm. 2.6mm thick.
Manufactured to the same size and profile as Onduline corrugated sheets, providing a simple economical way of gaining light through the roof. See the range.
We have a range of accessories and fixings to match our roofing and cladding solutions, from screws, nails, ridges and verges.
High vapour permeable membranes. Suitable for use under all of Onduline bituminous roofing sheets, tiles and shingles. Roll sizes: 1.5m x 50m, 1m x 20m, 1x50m

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