Please find below our full range of roofing products and accessories.

The 'high performance' lightweight corrugated bitumen sheets for cladding and roofing. Complete with 15-year guarantee and easy to install.
ONDULINE EASYLINE is lightweight, easy to handle and fix and its compact size makes it the ideal sheet for small to medium sized timber structures.
An attractive tile designed to form a durable yet desirable roof covering in a 3-tone colour finish recreating warm natural colours associated with expensive and heavy clay roofing products.
ONDULINE EASYSTYLE corrugated bitumen sheet is a shaded sheet providing a tiled effect to any garden building roof.
A durable, flexible shingle tile strip manufactured from formulated bitumen asphalt, reinforced with a pre-impregnated glass fibre. AA fire rated and suitable for all types of roofs.
The low height corrugated sheet for an agricultural look. Easy to install with a 10-year guarantee.
Manufactured to the same size and profile as Onduline corrugated sheets, they provide a simple economical way of gaining light through the roof.
An opaque fibreglass sheet with a special polyester film, which gives the sheet a surface level of protection to ensure high resistance to extreme weather. Ideal for all types or garden buildings and
We have a range of accessories and fixings to match our roofing and cladding solutions, from screws, nails, ridges and verges.
The ONDUTISS AIR are high vapour permeable membranes, suitable for cold and warm roof applications. Suitable for use under all of Onduline bituminous roofing sheets, tiles and shingles.
The shed roof kit has a membrane with a life expectancy of over 50 years. Liquid adhesive, a roller mastic are included in the shed roof kit in order to complete the roof install.

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