Bituminous corrugated sheet. Choice of intense colours. 1000mm x 760mm. 2.6mm thick

The Easyline sheet from Onduline is lightweight, easy to handle and fix and their compact size makes them ideal for all small timber buildings.
Manufactured from the same material and to the same high specification as Onduline sheets.
ONDULINE Universal Screws are available in the five ONDULINE colours: Black, Red, Green, Brown & Grey.
Slim verge to be used with the full range of Onduline’s bituminous corrugated sheets. Made from the same quality material as Onduline sheets, 3mm thick and 100cm in length.
Onduline apron flashings are designed to seal the gap between Onduline roof sheets and vertical wall abutments. Suitable for any pitch of roof.
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Onduline Building Products Ltd - 150 Minories, London, EC3N 1LS

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